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Membo Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard for Residential and any other types of Communities & Groups


Assistive Technology for people with Disabilities, Families, Carers & Support Teams


Waiting List Management & Queuing System that enables easy Visitor self-check in


Farm Management Software to Record Rainfall Readings from multiple Rain Gauges


SMS Marketing, Text-In Competitions, Customer Service, Team Communication


A community noticeboard system that delivers your information into the hands of your Community Members NOW – anywhere, anytime, on any device!

It’s easy to setup & use, saves you time & money, helps deliver a better Customer experience and improves your Team’s efficiency.

  • Calendar for Date-related Activities & Events
  • Noticeboard for Notices and Announcements
  • Documents available on-demand – PDF & Text
  • Instant Notifications for free from the App or by SMS
  • Optional User Reports from the App to your Management Hub

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Membo Community Noticeboard
Digital Noticeboard helps people with disabilities, families, carers and support teams communicate and exchange information


Multi Award-Winning Membo Noticeboard is a digital Noticeboard system that enables and extends independence for people with disabilities and conditions  that result in the need for support to manage daily activities.

It replaces wall calendars & whiteboards with a digital communication tool that enables the exchange of daily appointment and other information in real-time between multiple people including the person being supported, and their Family, Carers & Support Teams.

Membo provides Carer Support, alleviates overwhelm, and enables more effective co-ordination and exchange of information.

Because it’s online, the information displayed can be kept accurate at all times, and can be viewed as often as needed at any time without the need for the person being supported to touch the Noticeboard or ask for assistance.

VISIT Membo NOTICEBOARD Assistive Technology Website

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MemboQ is a visitor sign-in system that delivers Waiting List and Queue Management for Today’s World!

Visitors don’t need another App, they simply self check-in by texting in before they enter, to add themselves to your Waiting List, or they can use an onsite tablet and you can add them manually yourself.

Once registered, they can wait wherever they like without inconvenience to you, and when you’re ready, you can call them in with the tap of a button from Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones from anywhere.

Multiple staff can access the List and call people in from any device or computer, so there’s no need to man reception and the front door can be locked making your out-of-hours management safer and more effective.

VISIT MemboQ Queuing System Website

MemboQ Waiting Room management and Queuing System helps people self check-in to register for appointments and visits
Farm management App enables rainfall readings to be easily recorded and saved from mobile phone and tablet

My Rain

My Rain is a simple farm management tool that makes it easy to record rainfall readings on mobile phones & tablets while workers are out & about.

Within the App, Users can view current and historical data, and basic graphs.

More extensive exploration and comparison of data and graphs can be accessed in the online Management Hub from any web browser.

When internet coverage is available, one click uploads the information from phones or tablets to the Hub; when not in range, the App stores all entries, ready to be uploaded later.

My Rain is easy to setup & use whether it’s for a one-man show, or for an operation with multiple properties across the country.

VISIT My Rain Farm Management Tool Website

SMS Marketing system for businesses to communicate effectively with their databases


With an open rate of 99% within 90 seconds, SMS is hard to beat!

WoofSMS Software is easy to use, cost-effective, and provides businesses with straightforward text messaging tools that:

  • reduce your no-shows
  • ramp up your direct marketing
  • deliver better customer service
  • run lead generation text-in campaigns & competitions
  • manage your teams more effectively
  • co-ordinate Field Worker-Call Centre-Customer communication
  • send text messages to your Outlook Contacts

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SMSAdvantage can only be accessed to provide the text messaging component for a number of different software packages including HearAid and some versions of PPMP.

If you’re interested in integrating SMSAdvantage with your Software CLICK HERE to Contact us for more information

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