Assistive Technology

Multi Award-Winning digital Noticeboard system that extends independence for people with Disabilities by enabling Families, Carers & Support Teams to more effectively co-ordinate daily activities & exchange information in real-time.

It replaces wall calendars & whiteboards with an online noticeboard that enables the exchange of daily appointment and other information in real-time between multiple people including the person being supported, and their Family, Carers & Support Teams.

Membo provides Carer Support, alleviates overwhelm, and enables more effective co-ordination and exchange of information amongst all Stakeholders.

Because it’s online, the information displayed can be kept accurate at all times, and can be viewed as often as needed at any time without the need for the person being supported to touch the Noticeboard or ask for assistance.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Membo NOTICEBOARD Assistive Technology

Multi-Award winning Membo digital Noticeboard
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